Sunday, March 24, 2013

Calling all BASSO cousins!!

Okay family. I have been thinking a lot about the descendants of my great grandparents, Giacinta and Guiseppe Basso. For this year, I'd like to focus on those guys and I need your help! With 8 brothers, I am sure we are talking a few hundred people. I thought it would be great too try and piece together as many relatives both dead and alive. I wanted to make a yearbook type book for everyone for Christmas. It might only make it digitally but it still would be a great treasure to have as well as a great way to keep everyone straight and how we are all tied together. So, my first step that I need your help with is to post or email me your spouse and children's names. If you have grandkids too. I'd like to get full names, birth dates as well as contact info for each house hold such as address, phone number and email. I hope that is okay if not just send your email. I will not be posting it anywhere other than the book I put together for the descendants of our great grandparents. I know some of the 8 boys, I do not have on facebook so I need to do some digging. If you have any info on another of the Basso boys, please comment or send them to me. You can email me at Thanks Basso cousins! I think this will be awesome with your help!!!